City name :
1- First, find your city of residence.
2- Enlarge the map and find the desired building.
3- Click on the desired location with the mouse, the yellow line will show the exact qibla direction of this place.

Note: Since the magnetic north and true north are different and since the inaccuracy of the magnetic north to determine qiblah using compass due to the modern environment full of metals and electromagnetic currents, we offer an accurate way without compass to determine the qiblah direction of the place wanted: enlarge as far as possible the satellite picture of where you want to be able to see precise local landmarks that will help you to find right qiblah direction.
Longitude:     Latitude:     The Qiblah angle relative to the North:     Distance to Kaĕbah Al-Mošarafa:   Miles
link the position showing:
Explanation: If you save in your computer this link of the position shown above, you should not perform adjustments at the next consultation for the qibla direction of this place.
Since the Earth is a sphere, to determine the qibla direction, it's necessary to draw a curve line on the planisphere unless for the near locations - as we see on the map below.

Therefore the planisphere maps which determines the qiblah direction for remote regions with straight lines on the plane map, are not accurate.