Naahiyah Moqaddasah

The"Holy Place" which is the axis of movement of the universe and the anchor of the world of existence
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  • The True Knowledge of Nahiyyah Moqadassah
    True Knowledge of Hazrat Wajhollaah, Imam of humans and genies, Hazrat Mohammad ibn al Hassan al Mahdi Saaheb-ol-asr wa zzamaan (menho-ssalaam)
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  • The Naahiyah Moqaddasah servants Society
    Discussion Society of devoted servants of The Naahiyah Moqaddasah about Hazrate Wajhollaah Mohammad al Hassan al Mahdi al Qa-em beh amr Allah
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  • Academic relations
    Scientific questions forum and collaboration about Naahiyah Moqaddasah
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  • Scientific centers
    Presentations of others scientific centers about the knowledge of the Naahiyah Moqaddasah
  • Nahiyyah Moqadassah Editions
    Presentation of books published by Naahiyah Moqaddasah Editions
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